November 14, 2017


I had the privilege of working with Matt as the UI/UX Designer at Proversity and Virtual
Academies, where I am currently the Chief Technology Officer.

Matt was responsible for user interface and experience design of both web and mobile
applications. His duties included graphic design, branding, wireframing and prototyping
applications, along with planning, overseeing and reporting on all user/usability testing.
He is an exemplary employee who always brings a calm perspective into any situation. He
has a fantastic work ethic and approaches tasks with a combination of creativity and strong
analytical thinking. He always took the initiative to get involved and worked to ensure the
quality of both process and production. His output was consistently outstanding.

I can attest to the fact that he has excellent interpersonal communication skills and was
equally effective independently as he was in collaboration with the team, other departments,
clients and suppliers. Furthermore, he showed a capacity for management that I would be
remiss not to mention. I certainly believe that, given the chance, he would have both the
attitude and ability to lead.
Matt is an experienced, skilled and dedicated employee who will do well in any venture. I can
recommend him wholeheartedly.